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The range of composite decking boards available in the UK market is increasing, providing customers with a wider range of choices which also comes with an increased amount of questions as to which choice is the best.

To make an informed decision on which composite decking to use for your outdoor living project it is important to understand the answers to some frequently asked questions

What is composite decking made of?

There are many types of composite decking boards available in the market, sometimes also referred to as plastic decking or artificial decking. But how do you know which one is best suited for your garden project? It all comes down to the mixture used to manufacture the boards. Some have a higher quality of recycled materials than others and this is noticeable from the weight of the board. A lower quality board will be much lighter in weight and feel easily breakable. If you were to have two samples in front of you, one of our Resortdeck composite decking and a cheaper alternative, that’s the first thing you would notice, the weight and quality of materials utilised to create the board. This is why it is very important to always sought out samples where possible, rather than just using the price to guide your decision.

Resortdeck composite decking is the most technically advanced plastic decking board currently available in the UK market. Manufactured using a 3D generation technology which encapsulates the entire deck board surface making it 100% resistant to moisture. It is manufactured from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibres and high quality recycled plastic.

How are composite decking boards manufactured?

The core of the deck board is made from 60% recycled dense wood fibre mixed with 40% high grade recycled plastic. The shield is made from a special engineered grade polymer and additives with extreme low water penetration. The shield is heat pressed onto the core creating an impermeable protective barrier against moisture, ultra-violet (UV), insects and bacteria. The strong and durable properties of the shield make the composite decking boards stain and scratch resistant, perfect for family oriented projects.

What are the advantages of composite decking?

In short, Resortdeck Composite Decking is the only decking you will ever need to install. Why can we make this statement, and most of all why specify Resortdeck and not just Composite Decking in general. This refers back to our previous points of the higher quality materials used to create our boards compared to other cheaper alternative in the market.

Resortdeck composite decking has been designed and engineered in New Zealand to create a superior fade, stain, scratch and mould resistant plastic decking solution. It was created to provide customers with a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood decking. It is designed in a range of nature inspired colours, which will add value and beauty to any outdoor living project bringing the superior quality of internal flooring to an outdoor project. It is very safe for family oriented projects with no splinters, nasty chemicals or visible screws. The strong protective layer covering all four sides of the deck board creates a barrier against mould, rotting, splitting, cracking, colour fading, stains. Resortdeck composite decking requires no painting, oiling, staining. It is ready to go!

How to install composite decking?

All composite decking boards can be installed over a traditional timber deck sub-structure. However, we have also answered the needs in the market for a durable and strong deck frame, by introducing Qwickbuild.

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Qwickbuild is a marine grade aluminium deck sub-structure designed to replace the traditional timber construction methods and it compliments the high quality of the Resortdeck composite decking boards. By sitting a mould and water resistant deck board over a mould and water resistant deck frame, you will create a outdoor living decking area made to last with the minimum amount of maintenance. The deck boards are easily slotted into place over the aluminium frame utilising a clever design of stainless steel twist clips, removing the need to screw the boards in place. This strengthens the life span of the decking as the boards always remain intact and can easily be removed if sub-structure inspection is required, without causing any damage to the decking or incurring high labour costs.

Composite Decking Samples

Request a sample of Resortdeck Composite Decking today and see the quality for yourself. To find out more about the complete decking solution speak to a member of our expert in-house team today

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