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Entertaining Your Friends And Family This Autumn Outdoors

We use outdoor spaces every Autumn to celebrate the changes of the seasons and events such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. Making the best of your outdoor space at home allows you to host these celebrations within the confines and comfort of your home. But how do you maximise the enjoyments while reducing the amount of work involved? We have some tips how to maximise the used of your outdoor space.


Early Autumn can be the ideal time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space at home. With the last blast of summer often appearing in September, we can enjoy those unexpected days of Indian summers in the garden or terrace. Also while we are still using British Summer-time until the clocks go back in late October, we can maximise the daylight hours available. Tidy your garden, sweep away the rich red and golden leaves that are falling and prep your decks, fences and planters ready for the onset of winter. Last thing we all want is to be spending precious time in spring removing all the debris of last autumn, removing rotten furniture decks and fences. Why not consider using materials that can resist the onslaught of the winter months, and are useable throughout the year without the worry of mold, rotting or having decks that are slippy as ice rinks. At Elite Outdoor Living we have a comprehensive range of high quality composite products, aluminium, stainless steel and glass structures that will hold up to all weathers the UK can throw at them.

Wood Composite Products & Effects Of Weather On Them

As we all know, the weather the UK throws at us can range from various extremes. This can have an adverse effect to our outdoor spaces at home, especially timber decks, fencing, sheds and planters. As the leaves fall, decks can become slippy, black and slimy. This can lead to the risk of falling or slipping. Without the appropriate treatment in the Autumn after a summer of baking sun, bleaching and peeling varnish or treatment, decks will start absorbing moisture over the winter and by spring comes, the rot sets in.

By using more hardy materials this worry of safety, hard maintenance and regular replacement can be eliminated. Composite Decking is a popular choice to help eliminate the effects of the British weather against it. Composite decking is made from blends of wood fibres, wood powders and polymers. The idea is to have a beck board that is maintenance free, will not fade, grow mold or moss, splinter are and will not rot. This means choosing the right composite products you will have a low maintenance solution for your outdoor living space.

But not all composites are up to the job, so understanding what products available that can meet all these maintenance free wishes can be a minefield.

At Elite Outdoor Living we stock and provide three solutions of high quality composite decking solutions, Resortdeck, Regency & Urban. Each of these products are designed with quality, style, versatility, choice off colour and price in mind. Made from the highest grades of recycled hardwoods and recycled high density plastics and the best percentages of blends to create a product that last for years, with out fading, splitting, rotting or growth of mould and algae.

 RESORTDECK (Premium Decking)

 REGENCY (Premium Decking)

 URBAN (Quality Budget Range)

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