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QWICKBUILD: A Subframe for Stable Exterior Tiles

Elite Outdoor Living’s innovative QWICKBUILD subframe system has been successfully installed to create an outdoor showroom for our client’s exterior tiles range.

Casa Ceramica are a leading independent supplier of quality bespoke tiles and have recently relocated to an impressive showroom near Manchester City Centre (casaceramica.co.uk).  Part of their extensive tile portfolio specialises in exterior floor tiles and the owners wanted to extend their showroom outdoors to display these.  They had a largely unused outdoor area to the back of the main showroom which would offer the perfect space for their needs.  However, the existing surface would not make this feasible due to it being made up of uneven concrete and unstable timber.  We were able to recommend our QWICKBUILD marine grade aluminium subframe as the perfect and most durable solution for our client’s needs.  For our initial meeting, we prepared a sample of the frame so they could achieve a better understanding of how their tiles would be fitted. They were impressed at what they described as a unique concept that made the job of securing and fastening exterior tiles incredibly straight forward. We added that no resurfacing would be required to undertake the work as the adjustable pedestals would accommodate for any uneven surfaces and we could use extra jacks if required to make the surface more stable. We further advised that we could use QWICKBUILD to create a neat step in order to maintain the split level surface.

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QWICKBUILD allows easy inspection of the subframe without causing structural damage.

When we added that the job would take just 2-3 days to complete from start to finish, the owners at Casa Ceramica agreed that QWICKBUILD wasn’t only the perfect structural solution, but also a cost-effective one too. Furthermore, due to the design’s simplicity, the owners were interested to know that they would be able to change the tiles they use for display with ease and without causing unnecessary structural damage. This is a great benefit of the system for maintenance in general.

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The QWICKBUILD subframe is manufactured from marine grade structural aluminium for 100% moisture resistance.

With the work now complete, the owners are certainly impressed with the outcome informing us that many people have commented on just how secure and stable the tiles feel underfoot. They are now looking forward to dressing their outdoor showroom ready for their official Grand Opening with not one unstable tile to be seen.

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With QWICKBUILD, exterior tiles are level and stable. More importantly they stay that way.

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