HD Deck DUAL ®

HD Deck DUAL® composite decking have unrivalled likeness to timber, which really sets it apart from other composites available.

The natural enhanced wood grain not only looks and feels great. In addition it is complemented with a range of rich colours choices. The composite boards are encapsulated, manufactured using a core-extrusion process. This therefore giving additional protection to the board from moisture while provides maximum protection against stains.

Supplied in full lengths of 3600mm, the boards are 143mm wide and 22.5mm thick. The round hole profile not only reduces the material in the board, it reduces board expansion and contraction during temperature changes. The round hollow profiles also provide the board additional strength for instance when compared to square hollow profile boards.

The dual-sided composite board offer a reversible two-colour option. For instance you can create a bespoke and stylish finish by using the complementary dual colours to edge or create innovative details in the layout of the boards. The textured finish also provides a non-slip surface for safe usage.

HD Deck DUAL® brings your composite decking boards options to a new level with its capped design. This additional layer provide the board protection to extend it’s life, while protecting the board against fading, mould and algae growth. Being easy to look after and to maintain, no extensive board treatment, staining, jetting or sanding down is required.

    • Low Maintenance
    • Slip Resistant
    • Durable
    • Sustainable
    • Barefoot Safe
    • Reversible


Elite Outdoor Living offers a full range of complimentary HD Deck Dual® accessories that facilitates a professional and quality install.

Exclusive to the HD Deck Dual® range is a bullnose board that offers the next level of finish to the decking install. Ideal for creating steps and ‘picture frame’ borders. Available in matching and and complementary contrasting colours to make a feature of your edging detail. The innovative Dual fixing solution reduces the movement of the edging boards. This is achieved by using two profiling details that accommodate two runs of starter clips. This innovation reduces board rock and movement shown on many other single fix designs.

HD Deck Dual® Facia boards are an excellent product used to trim the edge of open decking platforms. Manufactured to match the grain and colour of the main decking boards. Supplied in full 3600mm length boards, these are solid 11mm in thickness and available in 72mm or 150mm deep profiles.

Decking End Caps are a simple and cost effective way to terminate a board when exposed and visible. The end caps simply click into the round hollow profile of the boards and come in corresponding matching colours of the HD Deck Dual® boards.

The universal secret clips and starter clips allow for a seamless and hidden screw install. The clip designs allow for an easy and effortless install into timber joists. When using the HD Deck Dual® boards with the Elite Outdoor Living Aluminium Subframes, specialist clips are provided to allow the use of these boards with the aluminium substructure.

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