Decking – Frequently asked questions


We’ve put together a number of commonly asked questions with answers about composite decking. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question, contact us. We’ll be glad to help!

All your decking questions answered

We love both! We love hardwood decking and understand the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful silvered timber. We also love the attribute of composites – Resortdeck has a beautiful matte finish similar to hardwood but with the added benefits of structural stability, durability and less wastage. Some hardwoods contribute to deforestation but some composites have virgin plastics as the primary material in the blend. We have made a conscious decision that our composite decking contains at least 90–95% recycled materials – a mix of HDPE and wood fibre. Composites also have the added benefits of being very low maintenance – there is no splintering, no leaching and no nails. in the end it comes to personal preference and what suits your project.
No! We have refined our board finishes to be ultra matte as we believe the harsh glossy plastic decking options don’t have the same premium, contemporary aesthetic. But we do also offer a range of Regency decking that is made using a similar blend of hardwoods and high density plastics, which also come in a Matte finish as well as a more oiled looking Stain finish.
Yes, there are many attributes to consider other than selecting a colour you like. We always recommend our customers consider sustainability, UV protection, maintenance, ease of installation, slip resistance, etc. Composites are either capped or uncapped – capped composites are even more moisture resistant and durable, but its a balancing act of benefits – uncapped often have higher slip resistance ratings. ResortDeck are made of a portion of organic material and a portion high density polyethylene (HDPE). In some lower-cost composite boards, the organic material could be bamboo or rice husks and the plastic component may be a low-grade PVC that lacks dimensional strength. Our composite boards are developed for minimal fading. We use either a high-grade PVC or a HDPE (think outdoor water tanks or plastic oil drums). These are both hard wearing UV-resistant plastics. For the organic materials, we use recycled hardwoods. For added protection, our premium ResortDeck boards are engineered with UltraShield technology which encapsulates the entire board surface.
We recommend you order samples as viewing colours on screen or in printed material is a representation only. Alternatively, talk to one of the consultants at Elite Outdoor Living who are trained in colour consultancy and can recommend the right board for your style requirements.
Our decking boards are manufactured to be UV resistant and do not need any oils or regular staining or painting. In extreme UV conditions, fading of approximately 5% can happen. We have detailed test reports on UV in our technical resources section if you would like more info on this.
Like any outdoor area, there is some basic maintenance required, however our boards only need a fraction of the upkeep that timber decks demand. We recommend a thorough cleaning at six-monthly intervals with a single application of deck cleaning solution as a preventive to mould/moss and lichen buildup. For more detailed maintenance information, please refer to our maintenance schedules and care guides.
Sometimes. Composite decking boards expand and contract as the temperature rises and lowers. In warmer temperatures, the boards will expand, then contract in lower temperatures. Timber decking boards twist, expand and contract in unpredictable ways usually related to moisture. Because the Elite range decking boards are machined to be perfectly straight, our customers have high expectations for some of the flaws that are forgiven in standard timber decks. We also have those same high expectations! Fortunately, our composite decking expands and contracts in predictable ways. As such, we can advise on the best ways to install your deck so that you get the best possible results – our 2.8m ResortDeck board length helps minimise expansion and contraction, with our 3.6m Regency & Urban board lengths will naturally expand and contract a little bit more.
All decks require airflow, to allow the boards to dry out and to avoid moisture buildup under the deck. Our aluminium QwickGrates are recommended to ventilate the deck. They can easily be removed for cleaning below the deck and when placed near a drain, come in handy for inspecting or clearing a blocked drain. QwickGrates also enable the ability to access services underneath the boards.
Just like any exterior surface material, composite decking gets hot in the heat of summer. Because the boards are made of a highly durable material that is dense and structurally strong, the boards retain temperature but from independent testing the overall surface temperature is only a few degrees more than hardwood. As a general rule, the darker the colour, the hotter the surface temperature.
Email us a plan or a sketch/pic of the site with rough dimensions, and we will give you an estimate. We will even design you a deck layout for free to make sure the products are used in the most economical, optimum way – plus we can make sure details such as downpipes are allowed for.
Anyone who is confident to complete DIY projects and who is comfortable using power tools should be able to install an Elite Outdoor Living deck. You also need to be able to read plans. All our products and systems are supplied with detailed installation guides which also list the tools you need. Elite Outdoor Living can help with the structure that you lay your deck onto – whether you’re using a traditional timber frame or integrating boards onto our QwickBuild system.
es, all fasteners required for your particular type of installation are provided by Elite Outdoor Living and itemised in your quote, so there are no hidden costs.
We have designed a range of QwickClips which simply twist and lock to secure the boards in place. The hidden fasteners are easy and fast to install with the added benefit of a nail-free aesthetic.
No, say goodbye to painting and toxic stains that leach! Relax on your deck instead.
Yes, we have designed seating and vertical details for many projects. We can even supply them prefabricated to your dimensions. There are a few tricks to ensure the best finish, so our CAD team can help customise to your requirements.
ResortDeck, Regency and Urban and all accessories have a 10-year limited warranty. The boards are recyclable at the end of their lifetime, which is upwards of 15 years providing our maintenance schedules are followed.
Elite Outdoor Living offer decking that is extremely versatile. It can be used in practically every outdoor space to enhance decks, balconies, roof gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, planters and more.
The Elite range of ResortDeck and Regency composite decking has a core extruded capped surface that seals the body of the board. This means no sealing of the boards are needed. This capped board technology minimises the moisture absorbed by the boards once installed. This eliminates slippy decks by preventing moss and algae growth that cause timber decks to become hazardous hunter foot. Also the minimal water absorption will prevent the boards warping, twisting or splitting.

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