Aluminium Subframes – Frequently asked questions


We’ve put together a number of commonly asked questions with answers about our Aluminium Subframe Deck Substructures. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question, contact us. We’ll be glad to help!

All your Qwickbuild questions answered

Qwickbuild is an innovative development with designing and building decks. It is a structural deck framing and support system made from high grade marine grade aluminium. Qwickbuild is the only system that provides a structural and stable solution for supporting decking, tiles, turf or a combination of these. As a low risk, floating deck system for installations over membranes, soil / natural ground and paving. It is suitable to use for low profile sit
The QwickBuild proprietary system comprises of a comprehensive range of patented structural profiles, fastening and support components. Structural materials are manufactured from marine-grade anodized aluminium, and connected by powder-coated stainless steel fasteners. This means the structure is not only structurally strong, it will not rot, warp or fail over time. Being made from marine grade materials the sub-frame will not absorb any moisture meaning the deck above will last for longer and be less likely to fail.
Yes, the Qwickbuild frame is ideal to use over soil and rough ground. As the frame will not rot it will last a lifetime. Also you do not need to level or conduct any ground works to accept the system. The Qwickbuild frame can be supported on adjustable jacks, ground screws or over timber piles. Due to the systems strength you will need fewer support points for the framework meaning less cost and time with prepping your deck area.fa-t
Yes, the Qwickbuild frame is easily installed over hard standing areas using our adjustable support jacks. If the area is uneven or slopes the jacks can be adjusted to enable the deck to be plumb level. Jacks also come in different sizes that enables supports from as small as 15mm to 500mm in height.
Yes, the Qwickbuild frame is easily installed over membrane roof surfaces using our adjustable support jacks. If the area slopes the jacks can be adjusted to enable the deck to be plumb level. Jacks also come in different sizes that enables supports from as small as 15mm to 500mm in height. This means you can build a deck that is level with your door threshold. As the framework allows for drainage of rain water, you can be assured that a raised deck on a roof will not affect your drainage.
The smallest Qwickbuild joists are 45 x 45mm in cross-section. If you include the decking board at 23mm thick and a under-frame support the lowest finished depth can be between 70-80mm deep.
The Qwickbuild substructure is a structural product. It can be used as the infill support for balconies and raised terraces. This means these can be used at multiple floor levels on a building. If using over the ground support jacks and ground screws can easily supply a deck up to 0.5 metres above the ground. If you pile steel or timber uprights to support the Qwickbuild deck, first floor terrace heights can be easily achieved.
We supply 3 types of decking board that are suitable to use with the Qwickbuild frame and the Qwickclip (Screw free) fixing system. These boards are made to a specific specification to assure the fixing clips work with the boards and the maintain the highest standard of a finished solution. Other manufactures decking will not always necessary work with the Qwickbuild frame due to variances in decking profiles and quality. The system can be adapted to work with hardwood boards, structural tiles and artificial turf. Ask our team for more information on these other finished decking options.
Yes, we can design the Qwickbuild frame to take porcelain structural tiles. We would advise on using tiles with a thickness of 20mm. The Qwickbuild joists will support the tiles using a rubber bead that is inserted to the top of the Qwickbuild profile, spacers and tile retainers. The most cost effective tile size are 600mm wide tiles, meaning the optimum number of joists are used at 600mm centres. Smaller tiles can be accommodated but more support bearers will be needed meaning increased material costs.
Qwickbuild for Turf is a design of Qwickbuild that includes low profile aluminium boards that clip onto the Qwickbuild frame. This in turn support artificial grass products which Elite Outdoor Living can supply. This means you can add a natural looking grass to areas that would not normally be possible, such as on raised decks, terraces, roof top membranes and balconies.
As it says in its name Qwickbuild is quick to build. Frames systems designed by Elite will come cut to size and even preassembled for an easy install. No special joinery skills are needed and full layout plans and instructions are provided as part of the design service. This means an average sized deck can be installed in a couple of days rather than in weeks. Also as its a product built in our factory with the preassemble options available, most of the hard work and time has been made in its contraction prior to delivery onsite.
Our decking systems use our specially designed Qwickclips (Twist Clips) that allow each board to be easily fixed securely to the frame without the need to screw the boards down, meaning a screw free finish. The clips are also designed to accept a specialised screw that can fix the clips to the frame if needed, or to lock the deck in place to help and manage expansion and contraction of the boards. Doing this helps stop boards from creeping over time and having joints and board ends walking and becoming out of line.

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