Offer your clients exceptional value with our composite decking solutions. Superior in performance, superior in style. Easy to install, easy to maintain. Perfect for when only the best will do!

Use the innovative QWICKBUILD Deck solution for quick installation, with minimal effort. Time costs so by providing the most professional finish to a deck solution over soil & uneven ground, raised platforms and on roof terraces or balconies. Saving on your overheads is critical to obtain the right amount of profit while being competitive on your project costs.


We understand in the building trade, speed, efficiency, and reliability are crucial factors in the success of a project.

That’s where QwickBuild, ResortDeck, Artificial Turf & Structural Tiles comes in. Gain the quality, speed, reliability, dependability, and cost advantages you need to amaze your clients, whilst slashing installation times and labour requirements by a significant margin. Winning outdoor living solutions for both you and your clients, with a choice of three deck finishes, or try a mixture of two or all three of the composite decking, tiles and turf surfaces.

Our Qwickbuild structures allow you to create a deck over soil, uneven ground, membrane roofing and on hard surfaces such as old patios and balconies. Create more space by easily building a cantilever deck. Qwickbuild can span unto 50% of its own depth up to 2.5m without any additional front support. Each project requirement can be bespoke so allow your decking solution to meet these bespoke requirements.

We also can offer an option for a Qwickbuild design to accommodate a Frameless Glass Balustrade as a complete integrated solution. Our balustrade designs have been specifically designed to work seamlessly with our Qwickbuild decking sub-frames. The Elite technical team are happy to discuss the project requirements and design.

Aluminium Decking Support Frame

Benefits of ResortDeck, Elite Artificial Turf or Elite Outdoor Tiles over Qwickbuild

  • The first system to eliminate screws for fastening the decking boards to the sub frame. Instead a unique concealed clip system is used for a neater and safer finish, and simple installation
  • Span capabilities of up to 5 metres without support resulting in a significantly reduced Jack quantities, and therefore, reduced costs and installation times
  • Versatile systems that enable installation of straight, level, and stable structures over waterproof membrane, natural ground, existing tiles/pavers, and concrete. No need to pierce membrane if installing on a rooftop
  • Easy inspection of the deck frame and membrane if required without causing unnecessary damage to the boards
  • 100% moisture resistant Marine Grade aluminium sub frame for a deck, patio, or terrace designed to last
  • Works seamlessly with Composite Decking, Artificial Turf and Structural Tile deck finishes
  • Technically advanced composite decking boards that combine exceptional looks with uncompromising performance


The QwickBuild Marine Grade aluminium sub frame is setting new standards in the construction industry.

The perfect structural solution for installing a stable, straight, and rigid composite decking surface, QwickBuild can also be used to install exterior tiles, hardwood decking boards, and artificial turf for a truly bespoke solution to your client’s requirements. Using adjustable height pedestals, QwickBuild can make uneven or sloping surfaces more useable, and higher span capabilities eliminates up to 50 per cent of posts required.

The frames can be prefabricated in our UK based factory, and the concealed twist clip system further speeds up installation on site with up to 75 per cent less fasteners required.

On average, labour requirements are reduced by 60 per cent, and together with enhanced durability and dimensional stability, this results in roughly equivalent costs to traditional construction methods.

Our ResortDeck boards come in perfect 2.8 metre lengths for minimal wastage. Our other ranges of deck including Regency and Urban also work seamlessly with Qwickbuild offering boards of 3.6m in length. All  our composite deck products are made up of carefully selected recycled wood fibres and the highest grade polymers, together with ColourMix technology and an UltraShield layer used on the ResortDeck and Regency decking to provide their superior appearance and durability. The best way to install composite decking is over QwickBuild, however, the boards can also be installed over a traditional timber frame using our hidden clip for timber.

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Read how we have combined our products to create some great spaces for several new builds and renovations.

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Visit our Resource Centre for technical information packs, guidance and video tutorials. We also offer a telephone support service for those with specific technical requirements. Call our support team today on 01254 825594 to discuss your requirements.



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